Salley Community Update, August 2023

What we were up to during the month of August

Hey friends,

It’s September! This means that the end of the year is quickly approaching. Even though time may be flying as quickly as ever, we’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you a new, better way to learn new skills for work.

As you may already know, we’re building Salley to help you master AI-proof skills, like building a strong online presence, storytelling, among others. This way, you’ll have plenty of career opportunities as AI changes the way we work.

Now, let’s dive right into what we were up to in the last month:

Recap of Mixer and Fireside chat with Zehra Naqvi

Zehra is an influential leader in New York's tech and VC community scene. With a track record of hosting events that have drawn thousands, including founders, tech executives, and venture capitalists, Zehra's expertise is unparalleled. She also interviewed tech titans, such as Alex Lieberman (Morning Brew), Ankur Nagpal (Ocho & Teachable), among many others. In addition, she's the visionary behind The Z List: a content & community platform for discovering top city events, and the Head of Founder Community at Republic.

​At this event, Zehra shared her journey and revealed insider tips for crafting and nurturing highly engaged communities. We also spoke about her passion and plans for improving the VC industry so that it’s more accessible to people from all backgrounds.

It was really engaging and exciting!

Here are a few pictures from the event in Soho, New York :)

South Park Commons and Codi join our partner network

I’m excited to mention that we’ve now added 2 new institutions to our partner network at Salley. South Park Commons and Codi.

South Park Commons (SPC) is a community of builders, technologists, and domain-experts. People join SPC at every stage of their career: from just out of school to mid-career faculty, from first-time entrepreneur to serial founders with successful exits. Over 130 companies and non-profits founded within their community have raised more than $3.5B in capital. SPC companies include Airtable, Replit, Pilot, etc. SPC members now have special access to Salley to compliment their deep domain and technical knowledge. Salley partners with SPC to help their community members get better at valuable future-proof skills like building an online presence, storytelling, among others.

Codi is a series A startup, that offers private offices built for the way people work today. With easy move-ins, fully serviced spaces, and flexible lease terms, they make it really convenient to find top-notch spaces in San Francisco and New York. They’ve raised more $21M in funding - their latest round was led by the legendary Jeff Jordan from Andreessen Horowitz. As some of you already know, Salley hosts monthly mixers and educational fireside chats featuring some of the best leaders. We’ll be co-hosting a number of events with Codi in New York to keep bringing our community together in-person.

A few things I’d appreciate your help with:

  • I’m looking to bring on a few senior level full-stack engineers who have a passion for AI, learning and the future of work. If you know such people, send them my way :)

  • Share this with someone who might be interested in staying up to date with Salley

  • Reach out if you have any ideas on how we can collaborate to help people master relevant skills for work, we’ll be adding more skills on Salley soon!

Wishing you an amazing week ahead,

Founder at Salley

What is Salley?

Salley is your personal coach that guides you to learn future-proof skills for work. As the workplace evolves due to automation and AI, Salley helps you to easily master only skills that help you stay relevant in the long-term.

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