Salley Community Update, July 2023

What we've been up to this month

Hey friends,

Greetings from New York! It’s summer and the city is sprawling with lots of exciting activities. In the blink of an eye, it feels like July is went right past us. Even though the month is almost ending, we have quite a number of updates to share with you. Now, let’s get into what we’ve been up to this month:

Recap of Mixer and Fireside chat with Elizabeth Gascoigne

Elizabeth is leading the non-alcoholic movement in NYC and across several major cities in the US. Her company, Absence of Proof is elevating the non-alcoholic life and providing inclusive options.

Recently, she was featured as one of Adweek's Creative 100 for 2023! She's also been written about in the Financial Times, ABC News, Fortune, US Magazine, among others. And it doesn't stop there, she just recently announced a partnership with the New York Mets!

It was truly an exciting evening as Elizabeth shared her journey along with tips for building highly engaged communities in New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, DC, Chicago, among others. She did all this in less than a year by building a strong online presence!

Aside from Elizabeth’s eye opening conversation, we had a 2 Michelin star mixologist at the venue making drinks for attendees throughout the event. It was spectacular! Here are some pictures :)

ZFellows and Omacasa join our partner network

Excited to mention that we’ve now added 2 new companies to our partner network at Salley. Omacasa and ZFellows.

Omacasa curates and sources one-of-a-kind experiences. Their roster includes 3 Michelin star sommeliers and mixologists, the best female magician in the world, the global head of yoga for Equinox, a Japanese Tea Master from Hiroshima, and many more. As such, we now be bringing these experiences to our private beta users in New York. Learning anything on your own can be challenging. So in addition to giving each user their own personalized coach, we’ll keep hosting fun experiences for our users so they can trade notes, stay motivated and future-proof their careers together.

ZFellows fast-tracks some of best technical builders and founders into Silicon Valley. These fellows are typically working on interesting side projects and startups. The ZFellows get mentorship and guidance from the crème de la crème of Silicon Valley. Mentors include the founder of Netflix, Figma, Eventbrite, DoorDash, Tinder, you name it. I’m thrilled to share that ZFellows is including Salley as part of their list of important resources and perks for their fellows. This way their fellows will get to master other high-value skills using Salley as they work to grow their side projects and startups.

Introducing Co-learning with Salley (coming soon)

Earlier this year, we started our private beta to help early users get better at building their online presence. And so far, there has been multiple success stories from professionals looking to get better at that skill. Using Salley, they all have their own personalized AI-powered coach, that’s helping them stay on track with their goals.

However, to make the Salley experience even better, we’ll also be introducing Co-learning days for users to meet in person so they can help each with anything they are struggling with. We’ll also have some experts on standby so they can help if needed. For now, these will be focused empowering users to build their online presence but it will expand to other skills as they become available on Salley.

We’re already in advanced conversations with a potential partner for this, who has access to prime commercial real estate. I’ll share more details about these once they go live for our private beta users.

A few things we’d appreciate your help with:

  • If you know an experienced full-stack engineer with deep AI knowledge looking for join an early stage startup, send them our way :)

  • Share this with someone who might be interested in staying up to date with Salley

  • Reach out if you have any ideas on how we can collaborate to help people master relevant skills for work, especially as AI changes the workplace.

Wishing you an amazing week ahead,

Founder at Salley

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