Salley Community Update, November 2023

what we were up to last month

Hey friends,

The holiday season is now in full swing! Personally, it’s my favorite time of the year - streets filled with dazzling lights, the excitement of gift-giving, and ice skating against the backdrop of New York's iconic landmarks. It's simply mesmerizing and it brings back memories from my childhood in Ghana. No ice skating there, of course haha, but the holiday spirit transcends culture and distance, connecting us all in its heartwarming embrace. Without much ado, let’s dive into what we’ve been up to at Salley in the last month.

Recap on Mixer & Dialogue on Effective Conflict Resolution at Work

On November 13th, we hosted an evening of exchange and insight with Katya Stepanov on one of the most under-appreciated ingredients to success in business: the art of human relationships. Katya coaches founders and executives at some of the world’s top companies on how to bridge divides, resolve conflicts and create thriving organizational cultures.

​We’ve all heard the high-profile stories of unicorns that “fall from grace” due to scandals or conflicts between founders and team members. One of the number one - yet rarely talked about - reasons that startups fail is disagreement amongst the partners or founding team. The inability to resolve conflict efficiently can lead to a company’s demise, even with the perfect strategy, marketing plan, technology, and funding in place.

​The event highlighted our individual uniqueness in many ways. It also showed us that if we put our heads together, we can develop deep connections in spite of our differences. It was truly remarkable!

Here are some pictures from the event:

New Salley update

As some of you know, we’ve been testing one skill on Salley for a few months now - to help experienced professionals get better at building their online brand. The results so far, with a small group of paid early users has been phenomenal. Here’s what one of them had to say after using Salley for 6 months:

We’ve seen good success with our beta product and we’re now doubling down on the things that make Salley truly special for our most engaged customers. Starting next month, Salley will only serve emerging leaders and executives looking to improve their leadership skills significantly. It will now comprise of group coaching sessions led by industry experts, world-class professional networking, all complemented by our very own AI leadership coach to empower professionals to reach their fullest potential.

We’re opening up a limited number of spots for the new version of Salley. Apply if you're looking to develop strong leadership skills along with other peers from various companies. You can learn more here.

How you can help:

  • We're launching a new offering for Salley early next year. I'd love some feedback and input from any executives or people leaders (working at companies with 50 - 1000 employees based in New York or San Francisco) here before we go live! Also, if you know others, I'd appreciate an intro :)

  • Reach out if you have any ideas on how we can collaborate to help professionals master future-oriented skills for work, we’ll be adding more capabilities to Salley soon!

  • Share this newsletter with someone who might be interested in staying up to date with Salley :)

Wishing you an amazing week ahead,

Founder & CEO at Salley

What is Salley?

Salley is a leadership training coach for emerging leaders and executives. As the workplace evolves due to automation and AI, Salley helps you to easily master only skills that help you stay relevant in the long-term.

We’ve just opened up a limited number of spots. Apply if you're looking to develop strong leadership skills along with other peers from various companies. We'd love your feedback. Mention that I referred you in the application and you should be able to get in front of the line.