Salley Community Update, October 2023

Here's what we were up to in October

Hey friends,

Today, some of the best long distance runners from all over the world descended into the city for the annual New York City Marathon. It’s one of those events that get me fired up! Just watching some of the most resilient people - who’ve spent months training, strive towards the finish line is truly breathtaking. Here’s a photo of the finish line!

Finish Line at 2023 New York City Marathon

Just like these runners, we’re also pushing hard to wrap up this year strong. We’ve got lots of updates from the month of October. Let’s get into it:

Upcoming Mixer & Dialogue on Effective Conflict Resolution at Work

On November 13, we'll be chatting with Katya Stepanov about effective ways to resolve conflict at work.

It will be an evening of engaging dialogue and insight with on one of the most under-appreciated ingredients to success in business: the art of human relationships. Katya coaches founders and executives at some of the world’s top companies on how to bridge divides, resolve conflicts and create thriving organizational cultures. Her company has worked with leaders from big corporations like Heineken, Vanguard, and Deloitte as well as VC-backed start-ups like Centivo, BetterCloud and Havenly.

The number one - yet rarely talked about - reasons why startups and teams fail is disagreement among the partners or team members. The inability to resolve conflict efficiently can lead to a company’s demise, even with the perfect strategy, marketing plan, technology, and funding in place.

​You’ll also have the opportunity to meet with other ambitious professionals and gain some practical skills for cultivating great human relationships in business and beyond.

If you are a founder struggling to align with your partners on major decisions, or a leader dealing with any kind of conflict with your team or peers that is keeping you up at night, join us

Recap of our New York Tech Week, mixer & fireside chat with the Director of Product Innovation at Stack Overflow

During New York Tech week this past October, we mixed, mingled, and went deep into the world of product management in the age of AI!

We had a huge turnout for mixer and fireside chat with Ellen Brandenberger - the Director of Product Innovation at Stack Overflow! She leads the Product Innovation team, focusing on testing and building new products, particularly generative AI solutions. It was awesome partnering with Lenny Rachitsky's community for this as well.

Ellen is a product leader who is passionate about the intersection of product development, user research, and helping individuals grow and learn. With a Master of Education from Harvard and extensive experience in product, research, and working with startups, she has honed her skills to be an adaptive leader. She's all about approaching problems from multiple perspectives to formulate innovative solutions for customers.

The room was full of amazing founders, product managers and tech leaders from companies like, Amazon, Rivian, Oscar Health, Apple, American Express, Google, etc.​ Take a look at some of the pictures!

Welcome, Nicholas Sykes our new Advisory Board member at Salley

We’re excited that Nicolas is now part of our Advisory Board! Nicholas brings in more than a decade of experience in People leadership and Operations. He’s held leadership positions at companies like Seniorly, Mosaic Technologies, CiBO Technologies, and Storyblocks. His previous work experience also includes playing a key role at leading organizations like Palantir Technologies, Bridgewater Associates, and JP Morgan.

Nicholas Sykes - New Salley Advisory Board Member

He has additional experience with top institutions across various markets and verticals like the Avenue Capital Group (Nanjing & Shanghai, CN), AllianceBernstein, Cyrus Capital Partners (Hong Kong), Scout Capital, Florida State Board of Administration, North Carolina Treasurer, FrontPoint Partners, Microsoft, Disney, IBM, Ronnie Lott Investments (NFL), Jamal Mashburn Holdings (NBA), Urban Compass, Partake Foods, PowerHandz,, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, MoVi Partners, Socially Determined, Round, and others.

He’s truly passionate about workforce skill development and education. He's a Stanford GSB alum.

How you can help:

  • We're launching a new offering for Salley early next year. I'd love some feedback and input from any executives or people leaders (working at companies with 50 - 1000 employees based in New York or San Francisco) here before we go live! Also, if you know others, I'd appreciate an intro :)

  • Reach out if you have any ideas on how we can collaborate to help people master future-oriented skills for work, we’ll be adding more skills on Salley soon!

  • Share this newsletter with someone who might be interested in staying up to date with Salley :)

Wishing you an amazing week ahead,

Founder & CEO at Salley

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