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Salley Community Update, September 2023

What we've been up to over the last month

Hey friends,

Fall is in full swing in New York! To make things even better, the New York Tech week starts tomorrow. There are many exciting events happening this coming week. We’re also hosting an event as well so if you’re in NYC on October 18th, swing by! More details on that below along with other updates from the month of September. Let’s dive in now:

Upcoming Mixer and Fireside chat with Head of Product Management at Stack Overflow - NY #TechWeek

Get ready to mix, mingle, and dive deep into the world of product management in the age of AI! We’re partnering with Lenny Rachitsky’s community for this.

​Our special guest for the evening is Ellen Brandenberger, the Head of Product Management at Stack Overflow. She leads a 50+ person Product Innovation team, focusing on testing and building new products, particularly generative AI solutions.

​Ellen is a product leader who is passionate about the intersection of product development, user research, and helping individuals grow and learn. With a Master of Education from Harvard and extensive experience in product, research, and working with startups, she has honed her skills to be an adaptive leader. She's all about approaching problems from multiple perspectives to formulate innovative solutions for customers.

​This event is perfect for founders, business leaders, and ambitious individuals who are passionate about navigating the ins and outs of AI in the workplace. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional, network with like-minded individuals, and maybe even spark some innovative ideas of your own. So, mark your calendars and get ready for an evening of insightful conversation and fun!

Anna McCalpin, Ph.D. is now an Advisory board member at Salley

Anna is the Head of Instructional Design & Development at Chegg Inc. There, she leads a team of over 20+ design and development employees, including managers, to build and maintain curriculum in high-growth technology and business spaces. She also directs the vision and strategy for creating new programs that unlock professional upskilling outcomes to produce maximum return-on-investment.

She holds a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Behavior Management, an MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, and a BS in Psychology. She also serves as the president elect of the Organizational Behavior Management Network.

Personally, I’m thrilled about having her onboard. Her expertise and insights are well aligned with what we're building at Salley. Also, she's deeply passionate using AI to help future-proof the careers of professionals around the world.

New Salley product update for beta customers.

You can think of Salley as your coach that helps you navigate the workplace skill changes as AI becomes more mainstream.

Today, we're in private beta with one skill: Salley coaches you to build your online presence so you can attract more career and business opportunities.

Over the last few months, it's been clear that getting more impressions and reach on your posts is important to keep you motivated to make progress on your online presence.

To make your Salley experience much better, we're testing an integration with a content amplification marketplace. As such, we'll share your posts with people who have large accounts in your niche for engagement, so you can tap into their audiences as well. They assist with over 12 million impressions per month and have a highly reputable network of relevant people who drive serious social proof and credibility in addition to impressions.

Here's how you can unlock post amplification while using Salley:

  1. Complete 4 consecutive weekly personalized quests that have already been tailored to you to help you build your online presence.

  2. Once you do so, you'll be able to ask Salley to amplify one new post after. (For every 4 consecutive completed quests, you'll get to turbocharge one new post of your choosing)

  3. Share a link to the post you want to amplify with Salley via text and, you should see between 10x and 100x more impressions on posts in a few hours

The quality of the content you want to amplify will be a huge factor in how much reach our post will get after amplification.

Can't wait for you to experience this update! 

How you can help:

  • Connect us with senior level full-stack engineers who have a passion for AI, learning and the future of work.

  • Share this with someone who might be interested in staying up to date with Salley

  • Reach out if you have any ideas on how we can collaborate to help people master future-oriented skills for work, we’ll be adding more skills on Salley soon!

Wishing you an amazing week ahead,

Founder at Salley

What is Salley?

Salley is a personalized skill coach for professionals and teams. As the workplace evolves due to automation and AI, Salley helps you to easily master only skills that help you stay relevant in the long-term.

We're currently in private beta with one valuable skill - building your online presence. If you're looking to build your online presence to unlock more career and business opportunities, be sure to request early access at salley.co